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Solutions to Bulimia, Trauma, Compulsions, Bullying, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, & Sexuality.

About Me

After 41 years in the mental health and substance abuse field I look back on all that I have learned and tried to put my learning in terms of a solution focused orientation.

Youll find suggestions about dealing with Bulimia, Trauma, Compulsions, Bullying, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Sexuality, healing from sexual abuse, helping your teenager develop healthy self esteem, and my story, in e-book form, of how I overcame a suicidaldepression when I was 19.

I want to pay forward and give you the knowledge I've distilled from 41 years of work, including much of my own.


My History

I learned how to be a trauma therapist when working at the Bronx VA Medical Center the year (1975) the war in Vietnam ended. The structure was built in 1916 and construction was going on to build a new hospital. There were two problems. They were blasting two hundred yards from my window. No matter how much I stressed that my combat vets were safe I ended up with them having flashbacks. Many times I was up against the wall of my office because I was now the enemy being choked to death. This early experience helped me enter and graduate from Columbia University School of Social Work.I graduated in 1980 and by 1983 I was teaching stabilizing techniques to psychiatrists and social workers at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Though I have travelled many therapy paths, my life was forever changed when I met Dr. Francine Shapiro, orgininator of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (which is why we call it EMDR).

Learning many theories of psychotherapy helped me take what was most useful from each and tailor my work to my clients.

Since 2001 I have taught the Basic Training in EMDR Psychotherapy. I wrote EMDR and the relational imperative, and I have lectured internationally. My formative years as a therapist were so important I'm devoting my later stages of my career to dispensing information and training the next generation of therapists.

I'm pleased to offer these and more products to make you LOVE your life!

Dealing with Depression


I have been trained in many psychotherapies. Each has contributed to deepen my understanding of your dilemmas and possible solutions. My offerings may help you cope well and make changes in your life, but they may not be the only kind of help you need. In that case my strategies may prepare you for a shorter psychotherapy.

If you are looking for help to stop you from hurting yourself or others, please pick up the phone and get to your nearest emergency room NOW!

Help Relationships