As a man who came from an abusive background I feared that I might abuse my children. Mark used a therapy called EMDR and I was able to release the pain of what I went through as a child. As a result my fathering has been pretty darn good.

Sam Kromstain, Manager

Watching Mark lecture on cutting and anorexia led me to find a good therapist, knowledgable in this area. His compassion made me realize that there are good caring men in this world.

Camala Haddon, Consultant

As parents we are faced with dilemmas we couldn't dream of when we were kids. Superman had a phone booth to change in, and Dick Tracey had a "watch phone." The challenges grew when my daughter turned 14. Mr Dworkin's guidance and advice helped head off my allowing her to put herself in danger. Mark was not neutral. His advice helped the whole family. He really cared.

Mr. John Anderson, Designer