How To Be A Parent When You Come From An Abuse Background – Part 1

If you grew up in a household where you suffered from #emotional, #physical, or #sexual abuse, your idea of ‘normal’ family interactions might be misguided.  I am speaking from experience. I was hit and severely punished as a child. The types of abuse I suffered as a child made me fear becoming a parent like…
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Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves

Many of us are #compulsive when we focus on a part of our body that bothers us. Usually the doors of this compulsion is #trauma. We try to fix it or conceal it the offending parts. If we believe we are “too fat,”  we may become #anorexic or #bulimic. Web MD states that #bulimia can…
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Parenting A Child Who Has Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Are you #stressed because your child is consistently disobedient, uncooperative, hot-tempered, and hostile? Do you find yourself  feeling increased #anxiety because your child seem to get pleasure out of irritating others, seeking revenge, and/or acting aggressively, and you know he or she might be #bullying other children and causing a #trauma disorder in them. Is…
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