Hitting Your Child – Relationships

Hitting your child There are parents who take out there frustrations on smaller ones. The usual saying is, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Well, the rod was not spared on me. I'm not writing about a subject I read in a book. In public I was the gift to humankind. In private I was…
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Never Give Up – An Essay In Honor My Uncle Who Died

Suicide is the failure of community. We hear words like, “He seemed so normal,” or “I was just talking to him yesterday and we were laughing. So was it a mafia rub out, or was it the collapse of all checks and balances in the human community? Growing up in the northwest Bronx, mothers would…
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Community – The Theme of Welcome To Learning To Love Your Life

We get one life. Let’s make the most of it. The world today is filled with opportunity and danger. Technology has created a world saturated with emails, websites, cell phones, flat screen TV’s, and fast running computers. Information that would take weeks to find now takes minutes. I can talk to my friends in Israel,…
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