Donald Trump For What?

This country is in need of #help. However if Mr. Trump is elected President we will become a nation in which we must #cure trauma. His verbal #compulsions are enough to make me #bulimic. His #bullying behavior shows that he could use a number of years free associating on my couch. Better yet let’s have him work with #abused men, since he verbally abuses some people’s rights. Perhaps Mr. Trump is compensating through his bombastic statements for having a #small penis. I wouldn’t know, nor would I care to know.

I am more concerned that he #fix relationships he has broken, support EMDR for #curing trauma, speak out against #cyberbullying, #help those in need of a real leader. and understand that his behavior is so forced that it feels like Mr. Trump is full of…#compulsions.

A real leader inspires. He or she #helps those who are in need. Mr. Trump, what are you going to do about various problems like #anorexia, #bulimia,  #cell phone addiction, and #obsessive compulsive disorder?

Often times people overplay their hand. They go overboard in language, tone and rhythm. This is usually the case when someone is trying to hid something, perhaps the opposite of what they display. I wonder if Mr. Trump’s bluster is his defense against being an #abused man. I don’t know, just thinking out loud.

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