Fighting Fatigue

Would you feel fatigued if you couldn’t get your night’s rest, even if you slept the night. This is part of the definition of fatigue. We usually think about fatigue as being caused only by sleeplessness, but try to get a good night’s rest when there are many #stressors on your mind and you will find it hard to rest.

Fatigue isn’t any fun. This is an area especially difficult for #abused men. When fathers are supposed to “help #fix relationships,” lower #stress and #anxiety, we find that there is no fuel in the tank. This is an area crucial for lowering the #stress of a new mother’s #anxiety as she breast feeds her colicky baby. If you want to see the poster child for fatigue, see my wife 25 years ago. Men, whether you have work the next day or not, you are not being an #abused man if you help your wife out.

Work is another area where fatigue must be fought off. A six cup of coffee day will probably not #help, and may make it harder to sleep, causing a downward spiral. Now imagine you are a neurosurgeon or a taxi driver. Fatigue could cause either to accidentally harm someone. The doctor with his scape, and the taxi driver without brakes in Manhattan (that was me at 19; fortunately I wasn’t #fatigued.

From time to time all of us need a little #help with #fatigue. Sometimes the #stress of life may interfere with our rest. For others old #traumas may start to play like a bad movie that can’t be shut off, especially while “trying” to sleep.

When this last symptom occurs it is evidence of a #traumatic disorder. The category of symptoms is called “Re-experiencing.” This may come in the form of nightly “re-experiencing.” Other symptoms may include recurring distressing dreams, flashbacks, or other forms of prolonged #traumatic stress.

If this happens to you, GET OUT OF BED and do something boring. You may still not get a restful night’s #sleep, but you will usually be less #fatigued. Once you are up do something boring. I’m serious. The boring task may distract you from re-experiencing those #traumatic memories that come unbidden. Another benefit is that being boring, you will become wakefully fatigued. This is preferable. Wakeful fatigue is often a prelude to #sleep.

Exercise is another way to shake off fatigue. Fatigued injured athletes run the risk of permanent disability. Some use exercise to combat  #depression and #anxiety, because they are thwarted in their quest to brighten their mood. Reasonable exercise is usually good for health (please check with your doctor for any limitations), but there are those either as a form of #bulimia, engage in #compulsive exercise.

Fatigued athletes are at greater risk for injury. Injuries hurt, and may interfere with sleep so “playing through,” an injury strikes me as unwise. When some have played any sports #fatigued (tennis, softball, basketball, skiing, or football), there is a higher chance of hurt themselves.

I have personal experience. By trying to escape my #traumas I played hurt for years. My #anxiety and #depression did improve, but at the cost of my being an #abused man, even if it was self abuse.

In closing #fatigue should be looked at as your ally. Your body needs a special kind of #help. It needs rest. Had I listened to my body, I wouldn’t be in rehabilitation for two years. Don’t be an #abused man or woman. Get your rest. Lower your stress. #Help yourselves. Take good care of your body, because as the saying goes, “It’s the only one you’ll ever have.”

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