Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves

Many of us are #compulsive when we focus on a part of our body that bothers us. Usually the doors of this compulsion is #trauma. We try to fix it or conceal it the offending parts. If we believe we are “too fat,”  we may become #anorexic or #bulimic. Web MD states that #bulimia can cause depression. Be careful, sometimes we believe that this body part makes us deformed. This way of seeing ourselves can be devastating and more importantly incorrect.  Some of us put too much time and attention on to a part of our body because we believe that is what makes us less desirable, and not as good as other people.

We believe terrible things about our bodies for many reasons. We may have been victims of #bullying, and the bully shames us through making fun of that part of our body. There are times both boys (1 in 6), and girls (1 in 3) have been #sexually abused, causing a #traumatic disorder involving our distorted perceptions of our bodies.

Teenage girls are often the most vulnerable and in need of compassionate #help. Because of peer group issues, wanting to be liked by their peers and by boys, disorders such as #anorexia, #bulimia, #depression,  But they are not the only ones. This problem plagues men as well as women alike.

Did you know studies surveying adult males found that between 45 – 63 percent complained of having #small penis syndrome, while approximately 85% of their female partners were perfectly content with their partner’s size! Some men are so #traumatized, they compensate by #compulsive exercise so they feel safe!

This #compulsion regarding our looks has become a national obsession. While it’s nice to look as good as we can, what does it say about American values when as much time, money and energy is spent on a false issues. We are compensating for #depression, #anxiety, a #traumatic disorder, being a #gay teen, or different in any way that causes others to #stress us out.

This is also a false issue. The way we look (within reason, don’t wear purple trousers, yellow stripped suspenders and no shirt; point made?) has little to do with our self esteem. How many times have overweight people been told how much better they will feel about themselves if they lose weight? The issue should be reversed. Accept Yourself (as long as you have decent values); love and value yourself, and the way your body looks will have much less of an effect on you.

And you will be starving to death those advertisers who make you believe happiness is just a few dollars away.

Happiness is right in front of you. Start working on who you are as a person. You’ll find that you are beautiful.

It’s time we tell the advertisers, and promoters of every product that promises to make us taller, prettier, etc. that our physical appearance is far less important than who we are! They should find another way to make money.

Human beings are beautiful. Physical appearance matters to a degree, but what does it say about you whenyou may be critical of the way someone looks.

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