Accepting your gay teen’s sexuality MP3


Your children need you more than ever, because of the prejudice and ignorance they will face. Though society is changing, prejudice and ignorance still reign. Give your teen time and attention. Accept their choices, as long as they involve no danger. Inform your child of possible interpersonal dangers and teach them to be prepared. If you cannot, please seek professional help.

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If you have a gay child and are struggling with acceptance of your child, this audio can help you. Mark will guide you to open your heart to them and accept them and their sexuality. In this session Mark Dworkin, LCSW provides expert advice, tips and support. Mark discusses some of the common issues your child may face and how you can help, for instance: if they are still in public school, you need to be aware of problems they may not be discussing with you. You also should be aware that loneliness is a very serious problem for gay youth, and when not dealt with, can even lead to suicide.

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