Calming Compulsive Exercise Disorder MP3


Moderate exercising has the power to keep us healthy and fit. When exercising or any form of physical activity becomes compulsive it is a sign that there is underlying pain. This disorder is a form of bulimia, except the “purging” is shifted to overexercise. Those “exercise bulimics” may continue way past the time they body gives a stop signal. These people are putting themselves at severe risk for serious bodily injury. The same perceptual body image distortions are present in this disorder.

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In this session Mark Dworkin, a licensed clinical social worker and leading expert on trauma related disorders, comprehensibly discusses what Compulsive Exercise Disorder is and how to curb this habit and return oneself to a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. However, like anything done to excess it can be severely damaging to a person.

Run Time: 25 minutes and 40 seconds.

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