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Cell Phone Dependency is a new phenomenon that manifests itself destructively in person to person relationships and can cause the user to waste hours playing silly games. In this video Mark discusses why an over-dependence on cell phones is a detrimental dependency and offers practical and positive solutions.

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I once had a young woman working for me who checked her cell phone every five minutes, even when I was instructing her. When given the choice betwen shutting off her phone or being fired, she left. That is how strong cell phone adiction can be. "But "you say,"we all need our cel phones to keep in touch. While that is true, the addictive part can be seen in loss of tolerance (less time between checking the cell phone; progression - the unhealthy use of your phone to take the place of face to face activity, if you are a parent watch the huge phone bills that come in. Parents can challenge their children to not use their phone for a day. Most cell phone addiction takes place on smart phones; so get your child a regular old flip phone. If your child denies being addicted try putting their cell phone where it temporarily can't be found. Though teens love to shift the blame, they will learn how dependent they are on their smart phones. I wish the problem was limited to children but it's not. Many adults find that they may go out les frequently, substitute friends, "on line,' for real friendships, they drop or ignore important relationships until it's too late, or almost so.

Treatment is simple. Like every other addiction addicts reach their bottom. One of my patients ran up a $1000 monthly charge. If your child or you have hit your bottom, listen to the advice Mark has to release yourself from this addiction.

Run Time: 21 minutes and 31 seconds.

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