Compulsive Binge Overeating MP3


To binge on food compulsively is a self soothing form of mood regulation. The binger needs to fill himself up to the point of bursting in order to block out emotional pain this person experiences. Though they may know what they are doing is bad for them it takes many different strategies to find emotional regulation. This form will do permanent damage to the person physically.

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Stop the cycle and take control. Regardless of how long you've struggled with bulimia, you can learn to break the binge and purge cycle and develop a healthier attitude toward food and your body. In this session Mark Dworkin, LCSW provides information and advice to help you overcome and understand this disorder.

Helpful for: People suffering from binge eating and loved ones who may suspect that their friend or family member is binging.

Run Time: 13 minutes 33 seconds.

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