Controlling Bi-Polar Disorder MP4


Do you shift from feeling incredibly sad, lonely, hopeless, and drained, to feeling extremely euphoric, indestructible, impulsive, and like you’re on top of the world?
Have multiple trains of thought racing through your brain? Stay up for three nights without sleep in order to finish a project? You may be suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder which is a condition in which people go back and forth between periods of a very good or irritable mood and depression.

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Controlling Bi-Polar Disorder

One of the greatest difficulties in controlling this disorder is that mania can feel good. You can stay up for days working on multiple projects, have many trains of thought racing through your brain, and you can feel so superior to everyone that the question has to be asked, why give it up. People who suffer from mania can fool themselves into thinking ,"it's all good. I can dress outlandishly, it's my style." Some even call it a "hormonal high." (Web MD). Manics make the best comedians, and can be more creative. If only there weren't two problems. Mania can get out of control quickly. Grandiosity may turn psychotic, risk taking behaviors (like going 100 miles an hour in a 55 mile an hour zone), and what was creative can take a bizarre shift.

The other problem is that even if mania doesn't get out of control, it never lasts. The crash into a dark depression can be frightening to the person and their loved ones. Medications are useful, as is the kind of directed psychotherapy that puts checks and balances on the level of energy. While Bi-Polar Disorder is probably for a lifetime, it can be controlled and a full and happy life can folow.

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