Fight For Your Marriage MP3


Identify and save a troubled relationship. To do this make a truce and develop adaptive communication skills and collaborative problem solving. Many marital problems, but not all, have their roots in childhood. A husband’s excitement might be experienced by his wife as criticism and gets upset.  A wife suggestion may be taken as a put down. Learning better ways of communicating, sharing similar values, having similar interests, and struggling to find solutions strengthen the bond. Fight for your marriage doubly hard when you have made children. BUT, if you are being abused, find the legal help you need. These suggestions do not apply to domestic violence.

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Listen and learn how to save a troubled relationship, reconnect to your loved one, and better understand any relationship you are involved in (from your partner to your coworker). It's all about learning about why people act how they do, and how to change the negative behaviors by being aware and fighting with respect.

Helpful for: For the spouse who wants to end the discomfort and fighting in their marriage and live happily with their spouse again. For the couple that wants to reconnect to one another. For any person who wishes to better understand why people act the way they do and how to respond better in stressful situations with this knowledge in mind.

Run Time: 33 minutes.


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