Overcome Traumatic Dissociation MP4


Severely traumatized people are at risk to have experiences that are quite disturbing. Some cannot remember anything before the age of 12; others may see the world through a fog, or they experience an out of body experience. I teach my patients to immediately recognize that these strange occurrences actually have a protective function. Remembering may bring back painful feelings. I teach people what famous psychiatrist Dr. Richard Kluft advises, “Slower is faster.”

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Overcome Traumatic Dissociation

When people are traumatized, they sometimes have reactions that seem strange and frightening to them.

Some of those reactions may be forgetting what's bothering them, yet feeling very anxious and not knowing why. Remembering a painful event and feeling numb, sometimes feeling like they are not in their body, or they are looking at the world through a fog. In this session Mark Dworkin, LCSW discusses these different reactions which we call dissociation and gives strategies for how to overcome and recover.

Running time is 27 minutes and 39 seconds.

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