Overcoming Bulimia MP4


If you are living with bulimia, you know how scary it feels to be so out of control. Bulimia is a cycle of ingesting large amounts of food, (binging), and releasing it undigested through forms of purging and compulsive exercise. Purging is especially harmful to parts of your teen’s body. This harm will add to your child’s fear. As in anorexia the teen suffers from perceptual body image distortions, a compulsion to rid one’s self of food just eaten (or possibly symbolically trying to rid the body of traumatic memories.

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Overcoming Bulimia

Bulimia can be a real life-threatening problem that also must be evaluated and treated immediately, or even worse life long problems may occur with the teen's physical health. The culture of thinness is a culture of potential death for our children. Yet there are binging "clubs," ("it's cool mom, why can't I go?"); secret purging (making one's self throw up as to not gain weight. Just the stomach acids detroy your child's enamel on her teeth. That is the least of it. Another way of purging that doesn't involve vomiting is called "Exercise Bulemia." (or non purging buliemia) These young women can be found at the gym working out. This usually doesn't raise a red flag, but if your teen exercises compulsively, and is low body weight, consider getting an evaluation.
Buliemia is another body distortion (or worse, body dysmorphic disorder.) It is less about food and more about the sick American culture toxifying children's minds.

Treatment for this disorder has similarities to anorexia; psychotherapy, specifically cognitive/behavioral and humanistic, with family therapy, a psychoiatrist to evaluate the needs for meds, a nutritionist, andIf you have bulimia, you're probably preoccupied with your weight and body shape. You may judge yourself severely and harshly for your self-perceived flaws. Because it's related to self-image, bulimia can be hard to overcome in this culture. Psycho education and nutrional education are necessary but not sufficient. This disorder is something we all must band together on. The American culture must change more quickly or these problems will keep multiplying.

In this video or audio, Mark lectures on the full range of issues in this disorder, and makes further sugestions to help our daughters heal.


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