Parenting In A Technological World MP3


Where is Superman’s phone booth? Parenting this generation is a challenging experience. While children were sent to their rooms for time outs, this form of parenting only puts your child in a place he has many options to use to have fun. However the basic issues apply. Unconditional love and rationale discipline will help you raise a well adjusted human. Mark spells out how to think through how to parent this generation.

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Parenting In A Technological World

The overuse of technology can cause many problems for your children and you. For one, it will make it much more difficult for your children to cope with life’s stressors when they spend so much time separated from reality. It is also hard for them to connect deeply to you--or you to them when there is a constant distraction such as a tv or a phone taking precedence over your time together.

This audio seeks to identify how you may be misusing or healthily using technology in your life and will show you how to use it healthily: so that you may be a more active parent with productive, well developed, and happy children.

Helpful for: For Parents who are working or otherwise engaged through most of their day with their own technological devices. For parents whose children spend too much time on technology. For Parents who wish to be more active parents to connect and reconnect with their kids.

Details: Downloadable MP3. Compatible with iTunes & most media players that can 
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