Parenting When You Come From An Abusive Background MP3


Many parents I counsel come from childhood abusive homes. Their chief fear in becoming parents is that they may do to their children what was done to them. While their may be cases where this happens, most parents I counsel are good people fearful of repeating the past. Let me show you why you probably have nothing to worry about, and give you suggestions if you believe you are, or are about to mistreat your child. I am a survivor of emotional and physical abuse. Never give up. Never give in.

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Parenting When You Come From An Abusive Background

Parenting as it is is hard work, and when you come from an abusive childhood it can make parenting even more confusing. For instance, all parents have to set healthy boundaries, give discipline, and positive attention to their children... but for the parent who was abused they need to learn how to do this without any road map of experience and teaching of positive lessons from their own parents. In addition, many parents who were abused find that they are afraid of repeating their parents mistakes, so there is a common emotional barrier to cross as well. Now, with all of these difficulties and more, Mark Dworkin, renowned in the field of Trauma and Recovery, speaks to you in this helpful audio on how you can overcome your past and be the best parent you can be. This product includes a digital MP3 download, compatible with iTunes and all media players that can play MP3s.


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