Recovering From Sexual Abuse MP4


The harm done by perpetrators devastates people’s lives. They fall victim to betrayal, fear of repeated sexual violence, shaming by the perpetrator to deny blame leaving the victim believing it was their fault. Irrational beliefs such as, “I’m damaged goods, no one will want me,” abound. Healing is possible especially with well trained EMDR trauma therapists.

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Recovering From Sexual Abuse

Whatever form of violation, touching, fondling, peeping, oral, anal, vaginal intercourse; sexual abuse can leave lasting damage to the victim. I have heard all the rationalizations and justifications I can tolerate (such as "She really did like it", and "She had it coming, you know, the way she would walk around with her cleavage showing") There is no excuse.  While women are more at risk to be sexually abused, the statistics are staggering. 1 out of every 3 women before the age of 18 is abused.  I spell out the issues, and suggest many solutions to healing.  

Helpful for men and women of all ages who have suffered from sexual abuse.  

Sexual abuse is one of the cruelest things that one human being can do to another. Start the healing process and begin to move forward.


Recent high profile scandals have shed some light on abusers, and help for the victims is available through many of the specific trauma therapies such as EMDR. This video offers direct discussion in an empathetic light by Mark Dworkin, LCSW, an expert in trauma therapy. Mark addresses those who've suffered from sexual abuse as well as the loved ones of one abused, providing expert information and solutions.

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