The Dangers of Teenage Pregnancy MP3


The consequences of pregnancy during your teens can be a scary prospect. A number of girls try to hide it. They may have inadequate pre-natal care; teens tend to have higher blood pressure than women who are pregnant in their 20’s or 30’s. They are at a higher risk of delivering low weight babies, and if they have sex during pregnancy the run the risk of their baby being born with STD’s. This is a family problem. Parents to spot signs early, and talk compassionately with their daughter. Laying out options rather than blame will go a long way to making smart decisions.

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While your bodies are changing and you are experiencing new and exciting sensations, being cautious is the most important thing you can do. Babies are great, but you had better be ready to raise your child. Please, you have a great amount of time. Be teenager and enjoy yourself safely
This audio provides advice from an African American Teenager, in collaboration with a licensed clinical social worker, experienced in treating teenagers.


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