Why Do Bullies Bully? MP3


I disagree with some research coming out on bullies and self esteem. The articles say that bullies have high self esteem. Through my experiences I have concluded that I disagree.

Some parents whose children become bullies may have been abusive or neglectful. Other parents may unconsciously and subtly encourage bullying behavior. Pro active parenting giving love and rational discipline will usually correct the situation. The biggest caution is to be consistent. Inconsistency confuses the child, who then usually acts out on other kids. Remember this. Even bullies are children who hurt deeply inside.

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Is your child a bully? Are you worried that you child has bullying tendencies? This audio addresses why children bully and how you can help as a parent. Mark Dworkin, LCSW discusses the signs of how to tell if your child is or could become a bully & offers a guide to intervene & prevent bullying.

Helpful for: Parents whose children are bullies. Parents who want to keep their children from becoming bullies through proactive parenting. Parents whose children are being bullied and wish to understand the problem better.

Details: Downloadable mp3. Compatible with iTunes & most media players that can play mp3. Total time: 14 minutes 47 seconds.


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